Phillip Krinker

Overview: how credit insurance is entering the Brazilian market

27 de Junho de 2018 Phillip Krinker 0 Comentários

Credit insurance, which is widespread in Europe, arrived more significantly in Brazil, in 2003, with multinational companies, which already contracted credit insurance abroad. Thus, it spread little by little to the Brazilian subsidiaries.

However, at present, investments in credit insurance, in Brazil, are somewhat timid, and that reflects a cultural behavior.

Our country is still emerging from an inflationary culture, where domestic companies required to constantly make adjustments to their budget accounts. That rampant inflation prevented entrepreneurs from having eyes to perceive other paths and investment possibilities, and reevaluate basic fears.

As such, companies need to better structure their processes with professional staff, who are more qualified to manage and deconstruct such fears, often by reviewing expenses and outsourcing processes.

For example, abroad, it is part of the corporate culture to contract credit insurers, because foreign companies fully trust the work of the companies responsible for evaluating the extension of credit.

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